What is Lifetree Cafe?

Where interesting people gather for stimulating conversations about life..                  ... and faith.

 A conversational Life Study where the source texts are the experiences, thoughts, and doubts of the participants.

A new topic will be discussed every week.  Some are light and fun, some are emotional, some provoke deep thoughts.  Some may cause you to re-examine deeply held beliefs.

What do Friends (Attendees) say about their Lifetree Cafe experience?

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Jacksonville, FL Branch

Lifetree Cafe is a time and a place:

It is a “Place”:

… where you can safely meet new friends, share your thoughts, tell your story or just listen to others as they tell their stories and talk about experiences related to the topic of the week.  

… that is quiet, comfortable softly lit coffee house environment where complementary refreshments are available.

… where your background doesn’t matter.  Regardless of whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu  Atheist, Agnostic, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, apolitical, old, or young, your welcome just as you are.

It is a “Time”:

… once a week when you can be you.  

… when you are welcome just as you are.

… when you will meet and get to know friendly people. Some like yourself, some not so much.

… when you can safe;y share your thoughts, doubts, cares, and concerns with others who will really listen and care; or you can just listen if you prefer.

… when you can explore issues that excite, concern or trouble you with friends who care.  

… when you can learn from the stories and experiences of others

Lifetree Cafe events are hardly ever quite what you expect. They are frequently spiritual, never religious.  Watch the weekly event preview to get some idea about the topic, but the best way to understand an event is to attend in person. The price is free but the value is priceless.

Come, Join the conversation!

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