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What kind of space is needed in which to hold Lifetree Cafe events?

Lifetree Cafe events need an open area in which at least 5 and no more that 12 four person tables and chairs either are or can be setup.

There needs to be a large screen TV that is visible to the tables used by Lifetree Cafe.  

Audio needs to be loud enough for attendee’s to hear stories that will be told by interviewee’s.

Some arrangements need to be made to provide refreshments to attendee’s.  How that will be done is open for discussion.   

How much time is the space needed for each weekly event?

Approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on how the space is generally used; ½ to 1 hour for preparation, 1 hour for the event itself, and up to 1 hour for cleanup.  We would like to schedule the events at a slow time for your business.  Extra traffic by Lifetree Cafe attendees may have a direct beneficial affect on your business.

What benefits could accrue to my business for making space available?

The name of your establishment would be used in Lifetree Cafe marketing activities which include:

Each event would be published on 5 different Jacksonville event calendars, and included in weekly newsletters that are sent out to almost 500 people.

The Location of each event would accompany the event’s topic description and preview video on the LifetreeCafeJAX.org web site.  This site would also link to your site and/or social media pages.

LifetreeCafeJAX.org produces 4 color monthly topic fliers as a tool to encourage people join the conversation.  Your business name will be featured as the event location on these fliers.

Lifetree Cafe attendee’s would have an opportunity to experience your facility, learn how to find your establishment, and observe what your business offers.

The fair value of your space would deductible on Federal Income Taxes.  Our sponsor, Hope Lutheran Church, will provide you with a letter acknowledging your donation.

Interested?  Let’s talk!  

George @ (904) 731-0731



I have a facility that I might make available for Lifetree Cafe events