Where interesting people gather for stimulating conversations about life... and faith

Jacksonville, FL Branch

  Come, Join the Conversation

Q: Do I have to join a club?

A: No! When you attend is up to you.  Some Friends attend most events because they get so much out of each experience.  Others attend just when the topic interests them.  You’re welcome just as you are, when ever you feel like coming.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Admission is free, and so are the refreshments.  You may, if you wish, provide a free-will donation to help cover the cost of refreshments.

Q: Can I come alone?

A: Yes, you can come alone, bring a spouse, a significant other, or one or more friends.  At Lifetree Cafe, you will have an opportunity to sit with up to three (3) other people and share stories in a way that is designed to deepen relationships.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for a Lifetree Cafe event?

A: No, You’re welcome just as you are, your thoughts are welcome, your doubts as welcome.  Lifetree Cafe events start with a brief video to set the stage for individual discussions and story telling related to the video.

Q: Is Lifetree Cafe a Church?

A:  No! Lifetree is a weekly event in a comfortable cafe-like environment, including refreshments.  It is like a “book club” except instead of reading a book, we watch a brief video, followed by a guided discussion.  Events are often spiritual, but never religious:  no preaching, no singing just stimulating conversation.