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Jacksonville, FL Branch

Jacksonville, FL Branch









Mar 17, 2019

3:30 pm

3848 Hartley Rd




SUMC Family Life Center *

3120 Hendricks Ave 32207

12:45PM 150 E. 1st St 32206

The Week of

Mar 17, 2019

Angel Encounters Explored at Lifetree Café

Angel encounters will be explored at Lifetree Café at Lifetree Café on

  • Tuesday, Mar 19 @ 3:30PM at Mandarin Senior Center, 3848 Hartley Rd,                          32257.
  • Wednesday, Mar 20 @ 6:00PM 6:00PM (Childcare available)*  

at Southside United Methodist Church        

Fellowship Hall, 3120 Hendricks Ave, 32207

  • Thursday, Mar 21 @ 12:45PM at Mary L Singleton Senior Center,

     150 E. 1st St, 32206  

The program, titled “Angels: Are They Reaching Out to You?” features the filmed story of a man who believes meeting an angel in the Rocky Mountains saved his life during a hunting trip.

The man, who had become lost as night fell, encountered someone whose presence he couldn’t explain. “I’m convinced an angel saved my life,” he said.

Participants will consider whether angels exist and, if so, whether angels interact with humans. Participants who believe they’ve encountered angels will be encouraged to share their stories.

Admission to the 60-minute event is free. Snacks and beverages are available.


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* Come, enjoy a family meal at the community dinner on Wednesdays at 5:00PM then take the    children to childcare and join friends at Lifetree Cafe at 6:00PM.

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